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This soap combines the power of turmeric and activated charcoal to deliver a gentle, deep cleanse. Its creamy lather removes dirt and impurities while its natural oils nourish skin for a fresh, healthy glow. The unique blend of ingredients helps reduce inflammation and prevents acne breakouts, giving you an all-over refreshed feeling after every use. Turmeric is perfect for evening out your skin tone and reducing skin hyperpigmentation. Combined with Activated Charcoal that is perfect for gently drawing out trapped impurities, minimising breakouts, blackheads and unclogging pores.

How To Use: Run soap under warm water, lather up in hands and gently massage into face and body, then rinse with lukewarm water. Use consistently morning and night for best results.

Ingredients: organic turmeric, sunflower oil, vitamin e, bentonite clay, charcoal, goat milk soap

Turmeric and charcoal

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